The 2018 Bela Project Roundup

The 2018 Bela Project Roundup

Some highlights from the past year of Bela creations

Bela has been busy, but the makers in the Bela community have been busier. In this post we survey a sample of the exciting projects built by the Bela community of creators.

2018 has been a banner year for Bela. We’ve launched three new products, held workshops and talks all over the world, and even built a new and expanded website.

As busy as we’ve been, we have nothing on the global Bela community of makers, musicians, artists, designers, researchers, tinkerers and engineers. These creators have been using Bela to produce inspiring and exciting, and beautiful things. These applications range from installations to instruments, synthesizers to sound sculptures, and we continue to be amazed by them and humbled to be part of so many great projects.

Here’s some of our favourites from 2018.

Opal Rhythm Computor

Ed (aka DMX Krew) is a master of electronic beats but hadn’t ever soldered, made a circuit, or programmed before, but he used Bela and PureData to create an epic build of a drum machine and sampler modelled on the RSF SD140 - everything done from scratch.

Click here to read about the Opal Rhythm Computor.


Rej Poirier created KSSynth, a fully-featured hardware synth that uses Karplus-Strong synthesis, bringing together Bela and his Caustic music software.

Click here to read about KSSynth.


ChandeLIA, created by Lia Mice, is an audio-visual performance instrument created by transforming a brass chandelier with hardware, software and sound design.

Click here to read about ChandeLIA.


Newcastle-based artist and musician made STEAMY, an interactive and solar-powered sound sculpture that lived among 4000 sunflowers.

Click here to read about STEAMY.


Hjalte Bested Møller created Giraf, a brilliant-sounding polyphonic sampler with both percussive and in-air control.

Click here to read about Giraf.


Sverm-Resonans is an interactive installation of hanging guitars - each fitted with an actuator, distance sensor and Bela unit - that detect how visitors move in the gallery, and resonate when there is stillness.

Click here to read about Sverm-Resonans.

Of these moments in-between, everything

Created by Nicholas Knouf, Of these moments in-between, everything is a 20-channel sound installation fills a gallery with hanging miniature speakers, each relaying global satellite transmissions.

Click here to read about Of these moments in-between, everything.


TSR is a mobile music studio built by Ege Gonul to use on a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It’s portable, has a 25-hour battery life, and can be used to capture and sculpt external sounds.

Click here to read about TSR.

What are you working on?

When we created Bela we couldn’t have imagined the breadth of applications, installations, instruments, inventions and interventions that Bela would be part of. We love to hear about what you’re working on, and regularly feature projects on our blog. If you’d like to share your project, please and tell us all about it.

We can’t wait to see what you make in 2019!