Installations and artworks created with Bela, in galleries and beyond


EphemeridesJune Kuhn experiments with touch sensing and microtonality

2022 Rewind

2022 RewindA look back of some of the best community projects from last year

The Intimate Earthquake Archive

The Intimate Earthquake ArchiveInteractive wearable artwork where audiences experience seismic activity through their body

Robots for Distant Musicians

Robots for Distant MusiciansYann Seznec brings us musically responsive robots controlled by anyone in the world in real time

Laser Projections in Nature

Laser Projections in NatureAlberto Novello and the intertwining of analogue light and elemental sound

2021 Rewind

2021 RewindA showcase of some of the best community projects from the past year

Degrees of Granularity

Degrees of GranularityPorcelain sculpture and interactive sound installation

Stramare Sound Machines

Stramare Sound MachinesLarge scale metallic interactive sound installations created by Italian arts collective

Suspended Circles

Suspended CirclesInteractive hanging mobile with knitted sensors, Trill Craft and Bela

Audio Igloo

Audio IglooA shelter for homeless loudspeakers


RebusAn instrument for electromagnetic interaction

"Noise does not judge"Dissonance by Antton Nuotio

Here + Now

Here + NowAn installation for holding onto the present moment


Pulse//WaveConnecting wood and flesh in a sound installation

The Radiotone X-ray Synthesiser

The Radiotone X-ray SynthesiserSonifying Radioactivity

ICONS by panGenerator

ICONS by panGeneratorAn exhibition about the rituals of digital life


UVTOWERExploring post-rave cultures with spinning lasers and mirrors

Digitally Active Drum

Digitally Active DrumAn augmented snare by Peter Williams

The 2020 Bela Project Roundup

The 2020 Bela Project RoundupThe best community projects of the past year


AmbulationExtended soundwalking with Bela

The Boo Box

The Boo BoxAn instrument and effects box by Ishmael Zghoul

New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2020

New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2020For cutting-edge music research


SnoeSkyAn ambient light-sensitive installation


jumpSynthA trampoline-powered synthesizer


ScatterTowering, rotating sound sculptures built with Bela

Sonic Tree

Sonic TreeAn algorithmic, hexadecaphonic sound installation

The Book of Knowledge of Impractical Musical Devices

The Book of Knowledge of Impractical Musical DevicesThree thought-provoking instruments made with Bela

The 2019 Bela Project Roundup

The 2019 Bela Project RoundupOur favourite community projects from the past year

Electromagnetism and the Production of Light

Electromagnetism and the Production of LightUsing Bela for precision laser control

Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Sonic Circuit SculpturesHelen Leigh makes magic with Trill Craft


rmeshNetworks of Rope and Vibration

Celestial Harmonies

Celestial HarmoniesAn audio-visual installation built with Bela

(Anti)Voice Loop

(Anti)Voice LoopThe sound of propaganda

The 2018 Bela Project Roundup

The 2018 Bela Project RoundupSome highlights from the past year of Bela creations

Une Table Sonore

Une Table SonoreAn interactive musical table


STEAMYA solar-powered sound sculpture made with Bela

"Of these moments in-between, everything"A Bela-powered 20-channel sound installation


ChandeLIASound, light and brass


Sverm-ResonansAn interactive installation with resonating guitars and Bela

Of Nature and Things

Of Nature and ThingsAn Ensemble of Instruments by Fedde ten Berge


AxisA kinetic sculpture made with Bela

Aural Fabric

Aural FabricAn interactive sound map made with conductive textiles