Introducing the CTAG Multichannel Audio System

Introducing the CTAG Multichannel Audio System

Multichannel audio for Bela

We are excited to announce the release of the CTAG FACE and BEAST multichannel audio systems, available for pre-order now from the Bela shop.

Developed by Henrik Langer and Robert Manzke of CTAG Audio in collaboration with Bela, the FACE is a cape for the BeagleBone Black with 4 audio input channels and 8 audio output channels. The BEAST, created by stacking two FACE capes on top of each other, doubles the amount of available audio I/O to an impressive 8 input channels and 16 output channels.

A FACE cape installed on a BeagleBone Black

The CTAG capes are fully compatible with Bela, and can take advantage of Bela’s unrivalled sub-millisecond latency, along with Bela’s streamlined workflow and development tools. They can even be used together with a Bela cape to gain access to Bela’s 8 DC coupled analog inputs and outputs. They can also be used with ALSA drivers for compatibility with standard linux applications.

Front-view of the BEAST with optional breakouts installed

For more details on the CTAG build, take a look at the hackaday project page.

The full stack: a BeagleBone Black, the BEAST and a Bela cape

Tech specs

Feature Spec
audio inputs/outputs (FACE) 4/8
audio inputs/outputs (BEAST) 8/16
latency (Bela) 1ms*
latency (ALSA) 3.2ms**
sample-rate/bit-depth (Bela) 48KHz/16bit
sample-rate/bit-depth (ALSA) 48, 96, 192KHz/24bit
THD+N -85dB (approx)
crosstalk -100dB (approx)

* Guaranteed by Bela’s hard-real-time environment ** Dependent on system load