Sound and Music

Using Bela for synthesis, audio effects, music creation, and sound design

Microtonal Subtractive Synth: KSSL #9

Microtonal Subtractive Synth: KSSL #9Semi-finalist at the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

Design for microtonality

Design for microtonalityNeod is a new instrument with 53 pitches per octave

Bird Translator

Bird TranslatorTransforming the human voice into birdsong

Prism Bell

Prism BellAn oversized musical instrument for large scale musical gestures

Pandora's Box

Pandora's BoxImprovising with an unstable feedback system between the physical and the digital

The PRP Voyager

The PRP VoyagerPerforming with Pseudo Random Pulses


MORPHAn electro-acoustic instrument for gestural sound design

"Noise does not judge"Dissonance by Antton Nuotio


BenderBoxThe Bela-powered device on Snarky Puppy's Grammy Award Winning Album

The 2020 Bela Project Roundup

The 2020 Bela Project RoundupThe best community projects of the past year


AmbulationExtended soundwalking with Bela

Multichannel interactive granulator

Multichannel interactive granulatorA synthesizer by Raphael Panis using Bela, Trill and CTAG

Bela Features on BLAER's new album

Bela Features on BLAER's new albumAn effects box made with Bela and Pure Data

A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids

A Vocal Effects Unit For KidsInspired by kids, built with Bela and Pure Data

The 2019 Bela Project Roundup

The 2019 Bela Project RoundupOur favourite community projects from the past year

On the Division of a String

On the Division of a StringA multichannel installation and performance


Euro-TrillTouch Sensing for Modular Synthesisers

Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Sonic Circuit SculpturesHelen Leigh makes magic with Trill Craft

Celestial Harmonies

Celestial HarmoniesAn audio-visual installation built with Bela

The Chowndolo

The ChowndoloAn interactive sonic sculpture built with Bela

The Ganesh

The GaneshA probability-based Eurorack sequencer

Introducing the CTAG Multichannel Audio System

Introducing the CTAG Multichannel Audio SystemMultichannel audio for Bela

Opal Rhythm Computor by DMX Krew

Opal Rhythm Computor by DMX KrewA drum machine and sampler


Sverm-ResonansAn interactive installation with resonating guitars and Bela

Bela and Analog Synths

Bela and Analog SynthsInterfacing with an analog synth using Bela and Pure Data