Networks of Rope and Vibration

rmesh is a site-specific rope and sound installation that uses vibration sensing, speakers, feedback and a large rope lattice.

A Web of Nodes and Agents

This outdoor installation explores autonomy and influence in a web of nodes: each autonomous agent in the network amplifies vibrations felt in the ropes and produces sound in reaction. As they send the vibrations back into the network they feed the other agents and potentially themselves.

Outside agents, such as the visitors, can also influence the web by touching it, feeling and interfering with it’s self-oscillations. The sounds themselves are generated by the feedback patterns of such vibrations.

The web’s shape is determined by the place where it is installed, while the overall composition follows a generative structure which re-routes signals in the network, controlling the parts of the web which are being amplified by which agent.

Technical details of the system

rmesh uses SuperCollider running on a Bela board for the sound processing and composition.

For The Changing Room exhibition at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin the materials used were:

About Bruno Gola

Bruno Gola is http://bgo.la, an ex-computer scientist from São Paulo in rehabilitation through art school, currently studying Art and Media at the Berlin University of Arts. In his works he likes to investigate autonomy, influence and self-organisation, touching the edges of chaos and control.