Introducing Trill

Introducing Trill

Touch sensing for makers, now on Kickstarter

The Trill touch sensors are now live on Kickstarter! This new family of sensors from Bela bring precise and easy-to-use touch interaction to your digital projects.

Kickstarter 16th September 2019

From computer interfaces to textiles, musical instruments to interactive artworks, we experience the world by touching it. At Bela we know that getting touch right in the design of instruments and interactive devices is essential, and this is where the Trill sensors come in.

The Trill sensors use capacitive sensing to precisely track finger movements, making it quick and easy to create beautifully responsive new touch interfaces.

The Trill Family

In this Kickstarter we are launching three types of touch sensor:


A slider that can sense up to five touch points.


A touch pad that senses two axes of movement.


A 30-channel breakout board that lets you make your own touch interfaces out of anything conductive.

Trill in Action

Trill sensors can be used to create all kinds of wonderful interactive devices and interfaces. Over the course of the Kickstarter campaign we will be releasing detailed posts and tutorials on this blog that show Trill in action – stay tuned!

Technical details

See you on Kickstarter!

As part of our Kickstarter campaign there are special early bird prices and discounts for bulk purchases including not-to-miss prices on Bela+Trill experimenter kits.

The campaign runs until 5pm 18th October so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this new family of touch sensors for makers. See you on Kickstarter and stay tuned for updates!