Interactive prototypes, projects and curiosities that use Bela

Custom DAW Controller with Trill Flex

Custom DAW Controller with Trill FlexDesigning a bespoke interface for the home music studio

Making Music with Plants

Making Music with PlantsControlling Ableton and interactive visuals by touching plants

The Intimate Earthquake Archive

The Intimate Earthquake ArchiveInteractive wearable artwork where audiences experience seismic activity through their body

Robots for Distant Musicians

Robots for Distant MusiciansYann Seznec brings us musically responsive robots controlled by anyone in the world in real time

Live sound spatialisation: I

Live sound spatialisation: IBuilding an interface for multichannel sound diffusion

Suspended Circles

Suspended CirclesInteractive hanging mobile with knitted sensors, Trill Craft and Bela

Custom Macro Keyboard

Custom Macro KeyboardMachine learning for gesture detection with Trill

Audio Igloo

Audio IglooA shelter for homeless loudspeakers


RebusAn instrument for electromagnetic interaction

Here + Now

Here + NowAn installation for holding onto the present moment


Pulse//WaveConnecting wood and flesh in a sound installation

The Radiotone X-ray Synthesiser

The Radiotone X-ray SynthesiserSonifying Radioactivity

ICONS by panGenerator

ICONS by panGeneratorAn exhibition about the rituals of digital life


UVTOWERExploring post-rave cultures with spinning lasers and mirrors

The Daïs

The DaïsA Haptically Enabled Electronic Instrument

A Synth from Neopixels, Feather M4, and Trill Ring

A Synth from Neopixels, Feather M4, and Trill RingA clever synth built with Trill and Pure Data

Multichannel interactive granulator

Multichannel interactive granulatorA synthesizer by Raphael Panis using Bela, Trill and CTAG


SnoeSkyAn ambient light-sensitive installation


jumpSynthA trampoline-powered synthesizer

The Book of Knowledge of Impractical Musical Devices

The Book of Knowledge of Impractical Musical DevicesThree thought-provoking instruments made with Bela

A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids

A Vocal Effects Unit For KidsInspired by kids, built with Bela and Pure Data

Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Sonic Circuit SculpturesHelen Leigh makes magic with Trill Craft

Introducing Trill

Introducing TrillTouch sensing for makers, now on Kickstarter


MagpickAn Augmented Guitar Pick for Nuanced Control

Kobakant Blanket

Kobakant BlanketAn interactive blanket built with Bela and Pure Data


STEAMYA solar-powered sound sculpture made with Bela

Kalichord Strum

Kalichord StrumAn instrument that offers nuanced rhythmic strumming