ICONS by panGenerator

ICONS by panGenerator

An exhibition about the rituals of digital life

Created for the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw by new media art and design collective panGenerator, the exhibition ICONS is a deep exploration of the daily rituals that make up our digital lives.

Silicon spirituality

ICONS makes physical the digital symbolism that surrounds the actions of everyday life. The exhibition, created by Warsaw based new media art collective panGenerator, presents the spectator with a series of physical manifestations of the elements of digital life, elements which normally remain intangible yet have real and meaningful effects on our lives and on how they are structured.

Our exhibition takes a closer look at our shared cultural “imaginarium” of digital gestures, symbols, and artefacts, dragging them out onto a physical space, enabling audiences a direct, tactile confrontation and – also literally – a different visual perspective. (panGenerator)

By confronting the audience with these amplifications and apparitions of the symbolism and practices of digital culture they hope the audience will find a reflection of their own digital culture experience – from the slows beginnings of the digital age to the lightning pace of social media.

Infinity scroll

One of the installations within the exhibition Infinity put our own Trill Craft to excellent use in the design of a large touch pad which the audience can use to navigate through an infinitely scrolling stream of light and images. The touch pad features a custom designed PCB which interfaces with Trill Craft and an Arduino board.

For more information about the project including the exhibition catalogue see the project page and article on creative applications.


PanGenerator is a new media art & design collective based in Warsaw, Poland, founded by Piotr Barszczewski, Krzysztof Cybulski, Krzysztof Goliński and Jakub Koźniewski. Since 2010 the group creates unique projects exploring new means of creative expression and interaction with the audience.

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