Introducing Trill Flex

Introducing Trill Flex

Touch sensing that conforms to any surface

Today we’re thrilled to announce the debut of Trill Flex, the sixth Trill sensor to join the Trill family of touch sensors!

Trill Flex: A sensor that bends to your project

Trill Flex is the sixth addition to the Trill family of sensors. Trill Flex features a sensor that’s printed on flexible PCB, and this bendy, malleable, extremely flexible sensor that bends effortlessly around corners and conforms to virtually any curve means that you can add touch sensing to more surfaces than ever before.

A sensor in two parts

Trill Flex has two components: A base that holds the sensing electronics, and a sensor printed on flexible PCB. Every Trill Flex ships with a one-axis multi-touch bar sensor that connects to the base with a clip connector.

Connecting is easy: Open the gate connector, insert the end of the sensor, click to close, and you’re ready to go!

A world of possibilities for touch interaction

Because Trill Flex’s included sensor is detachable, you can swap it out for a flex sensor of your own creation to fit your unique project.

Like all Trill sensors, Trill Flex offers 30 channels of flexible sensing. Use each as a button and make a flexible touch interface, or chain the channels together to create a sensor of any shape … or any combination thereof! When you’ve created your flex sensor plug it into the Trill Flex base and start experimenting.

Want to learn how to design your own flex sensor? We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial for learning how using KiCad. You can read the tutorial on our Knowledge Base, and it’s also available as a video:

Trill Flex: Available now!

Trill Flex is now available on the Bela Shop. Each Trill Flex comes with both the base and the detachable flex bar sensor. Click below to get yours now: