Bela-powered musical instruments for exciting interactions with sensors and sounds

Microtonal Subtractive Synth: KSSL #9

Microtonal Subtractive Synth: KSSL #9Semi-finalist at the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

Soundink by Selenay Kıray

Soundink by Selenay KırayA tool for painting and drawing with waveforms and timbres

Design for microtonality

Design for microtonalityNeod is a new instrument with 53 pitches per octave

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightMusic and Audio Programming at Queen Mary University of London

Prism Bell

Prism BellAn oversized musical instrument for large scale musical gestures

Pandora's Box

Pandora's BoxImprovising with an unstable feedback system between the physical and the digital

Trill Guitar

Trill GuitarBuilding a MIDI instrument with the Pi Pico and our Trill touch sensors

The PRP Voyager

The PRP VoyagerPerforming with Pseudo Random Pulses


RebusAn instrument for electromagnetic interaction


MORPHAn electro-acoustic instrument for gestural sound design


Pulse//WaveConnecting wood and flesh in a sound installation


BenderBoxThe Bela-powered device on Snarky Puppy's Grammy Award Winning Album

The Radiotone X-ray Synthesiser

The Radiotone X-ray SynthesiserSonifying Radioactivity

Digitally Active Drum

Digitally Active DrumAn augmented snare by Peter Williams


PepperThe Bela-powered DIY synth module

The Daïs

The DaïsA Haptically Enabled Electronic Instrument

A Synth from Neopixels, Feather M4, and Trill Ring

A Synth from Neopixels, Feather M4, and Trill RingA clever synth built with Trill and Pure Data

Multichannel interactive granulator

Multichannel interactive granulatorA synthesizer by Raphael Panis using Bela, Trill and CTAG

The KeyWi

The KeyWiAn accessible electronic wind instrument

The Boo Box

The Boo BoxAn instrument and effects box by Ishmael Zghoul

Hacking the Five-String Banjo

Hacking the Five-String BanjoRe-imagining the banjo with Bela and Supercollider


KnurlReimagining the cello with Bela and Supercollider

On the Division of a String

On the Division of a StringA multichannel installation and performance

Augmented Duxianqin

Augmented DuxianqinAugmenting a traditional Chinese instrument with Bela and Trill Craft


HalldorophoneAn Icelandic electro-acoustic feedback cello built with Bela

The Ganesh

The GaneshA probability-based Eurorack sequencer


GirafA self-contained polyphonic sampler

The Smart Cajón

The Smart CajónA wireless electroacoustic instrument


SALTThe Bela-powered programmable synth module

Opal Rhythm Computor by DMX Krew

Opal Rhythm Computor by DMX KrewA drum machine and sampler

Kalichord Strum

Kalichord StrumAn instrument that offers nuanced rhythmic strumming

Making the one-handed bass

Making the one-handed bassAccessible instrument design with Bela

Making a percussion instrument with Bela

Making a percussion instrument with BelaHow low-latency makes beautiful percussion possible

The D-Box

The D-BoxA hackable musical instrument made with Bela