Tutorials, how-tos, and guides on making and building with Bela

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightSound and Textiles: Interface Cultures Masters at University of Arts Linz

Bela's first PhD student

Bela's first PhD studentInterview with Teresa Pelinski about AI, embedded computing and musical instruments

New Interfaces for Musical Expression

New Interfaces for Musical ExpressionSponsoring cutting-edge research in instrument design

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightSite-Responsive Sonic Art at Arizona State University

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightPhysical Interaction Design at Aalto University Helsinki, Finland

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightMusic and Audio Programming at Queen Mary University of London

Trill Guitar

Trill GuitarBuilding a MIDI instrument with the Pi Pico and our Trill touch sensors

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightEmbedded Computing for Music at Case Western Reserve University

Introducing Trill Flex

Introducing Trill FlexTouch sensing that conforms to any surface

A Pure Data + Bela Course

A Pure Data + Bela CourseLearn to craft interactive sound using visual programming

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightMasters in Music, Communication & Technology across two universities in Norway

A Synth from Neopixels, Feather M4, and Trill Ring

A Synth from Neopixels, Feather M4, and Trill RingA clever synth built with Trill and Pure Data

Making E-Textile Interfaces with Trill Craft

Making E-Textile Interfaces with Trill CraftBringing beautiful touch sensing to soft circuits

The Embelashed Toolkit

The Embelashed ToolkitEverything you need to make paper sensors

Absurd Instruments Hackathon

Absurd Instruments HackathonBuilding ridiculous instruments with Bela

Bela’s New IDE

Bela’s New IDE

Bela + Chirp

Bela + ChirpWireless Connectivity through Data-over-Sound

Touching opcodes

Touching opcodesLearning Csound through Bela

Learning Bela and Pure Data

Learning Bela and Pure DataExplore musical interaction through visual programming

Controlling Motors with Bela

Controlling Motors with BelaUsing Bela to make things move

Teaching Spotlight

Teaching SpotlightLive Electronics at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Bela Workshop at The RAW and The COOKED in London

Bela Workshop at The RAW and The COOKED in London

Make A Paper Synth

Make A Paper SynthWith conductive ink and Bela


AcapelaA cape and case for Bela

SuperCollider and Bela

SuperCollider and BelaLive code your sensors

Tips for using Bela

Tips for using BelaFrom artist and researcher Till Bovermann

Interactive Spatial Audio Workshop

Interactive Spatial Audio WorkshopUsing Bela for binaural head tracking

Scottish Bela Workshops 2017

Scottish Bela Workshops 2017Bela in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Making a percussion instrument with Bela

Making a percussion instrument with BelaHow low-latency makes beautiful percussion possible

Using an external library within a Bela project

Using an external library within a Bela projectLearn how to super-power your project with packaged code

STEIM Bela Workshop 2016

STEIM Bela Workshop 2016Porting existing instruments to Bela

Building an Audio Lightsaber with Bela

Building an Audio Lightsaber with BelaAn instrument fit for a Jedi

The D-Box

The D-BoxA hackable musical instrument made with Bela

Bela: analogue vs audio

Bela: analogue vs audioThe differences explained